Thursday, May 3, 2007


Hi this is my first blog post so I will not write much. I just want to see how it looks.

First about me. I am 31 , M, Indian residing in Visakhapatnam. I am an internet addict and spend attleast 4 - 5 hrs on the internet. The first thing I do after coming from a workout in the morning is switch on my PC and go to Google reader to read the feeds. After reading feeds for so long I finally decided to start writing my blog.

I also love sports so my blog will have lots of sporting action as well. If India does well or my favourites do well expect big and lengthy posts. Otherwise it will be just the ordinary small posts. I love cricket, football, golf ,F1 and tennis. My all time favorite footballers are Diego Maradona and Zizou (Zidane - Has a great header, ask Materazzi). I loved the great Late Payne Stewart as a golfer before his sudden demise in a plane crash. Among the present lot I like Sergio Garcia and Jeev Milkha Singh. My favourite F1 driver for the last 3 years has been the Ice Man ,the Flying Finn or KIMI RAIKKONEN. I just love his cool dude attitude and his dare devil driving style.

I think that will be enough for today .

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