Thursday, May 3, 2007


Hi everybody there

Was just watching TV serials on Star Plus. Star Plus may be the No 1 channel in India but has the most regressive serials you can ever hope to watch. The women are either Door Mats or they can put IDI AMIN to shame. I just want to know of there is any ways we can file a case in court to stop this rubbish from coming on TV and stop polluting the young minds. I hope the courts take some Suo Moto action in banning this serials.

Ekta Kapoor if you are reading this then please note that you produce the worst TV serials . All have the same stories. Everybody marries atleast 10 times out of which 4 times it is with the same person.

The 2 crore rupee question in KBC will be : "How many times has Prerna married Rishabh Bajaj in Kasauti" and I can bet no one will be able to answer. I think even you have lost count.

Earlier we were facing the torture only on Star Plus but now you have captured even Zee and Sony and so there are no worthwhile serials to watch on TV from Monday to Thursday. We can watch good serials and game shows like Baa Bahoo aur Baby and Antakshari only from Friday to Sunday. Thank you for giving us rest on those 3 days.

I wish you understand that your soaps have become outdated and your policy of killing a peron and making him/her alive again stops once and all for good. Please stop this rubbish that you are selling on TV and get some good scriptwriters.

P.S. : If anyone wants to know how to make a Dead man Alive please go and visit the office of Balaji Telefilms.

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